Sunday, 21 February 2010

Egg Sunday

We have a little tradition in our house called 'Egg Sunday'. The title being somewhat self-explanatory means that every Sunday the boys decide what type of egg dish they would like for brunch. Sadly, I cannot participate in this egg-extravaganza as I'm allergic and instead I get to indulge in some dish that the boys don't like (usually involving smelly cheese or olives).Amidst the packing chaos, A has decided that he would like huevos rancheros and that my scrambled eggs are boring. Luckily our remote location means that I can fob him off with the explanation that we don't have all the ingredients in the house so boring old scrambled eggs it will have to be. I wonder what will happen when he figures out that the new flat is a ten minute walk from Lupe Pintos....

We've made a dent in the packing and have only had a few panic attacks between us so far...

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