Wednesday, 24 February 2010


I intended to blog part two of the story of our big move tonight but a possible spanner in the works happened yesterday. For the last four weeks I have been harassing the officials from Midlothian council and from Edinburgh City Council about A's school transfer. I have been assured along the way that the appropriate steps had been taken, the relevant information had been passed and that everyone at all ends were trying their best to make sure that everything was in place in time for our move. So with these assurances I arranged an appointment with the headmistress of his new school. The school on which we have based our area choice for possible houses from.

I'll blog at length later but the short version is that we rock up to the new school who have no idea what A's additional support needs are. Uh oh... Midlothian have failed to pass on any of the information that the other education department need to arrange support. In addition, I approached his current school at the start of the process and spoke to his teachers about his needs, I gathered up all of the reports I could and was informing the Edinburgh bods of what I've been told A's needs are. When the headmistress of the new school found out that Midlothian hadn't passed on any of the information to Edinburgh, she then phoned the headmistress of the current school who painted a very different picture of what A's needs are (or my understanding of what they are). The A that she described isn't the one who lives in my house. This is either due to a lack of contact with the classes while she does her headmistress bit or some thing's afoot (A integrated into mainstream high school= success =funding?).

I've spent the last 12 hours on the phone trying to move mountains (and trying not to shout).

I'll keep you up to date as the drama unfolds.

In other news, B goes for her J-A-B-S tomorrow. Given that she's 14 weeks today you could be fooled into thinking that these are her last set of jabs due at 16 weeks, oh no...these are her first set of jabs, the ones she should've had when she was 8 weeks old. The reason for the delay - we had B at what was a 'popular' time to be having babies said the receptionists. Oh right, that must be because British Vogue recommended them as Winter's must have accessory.

I am also getting my post natal check up today and I can't remember when the last time I shaved my legs was...


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