Friday, 19 February 2010


Hello one and all...
Welcome to my blog ὦ μάμμη (pronounced Oh Mammy or Mam-Meh).
I hope this will be interesting or at least give someone a good laugh. I want to share my three big passions, children (especially my own), Classics (more ancient history than literature) and cooking (nom, nom, nom). There will be random posts, mutterings, musings and general rubbish that I find interesting so I expect others to as well. I also hope I can convince my friends to add things to this page because they are awesome and the more people know how awesome they are the better.
Lots of love
Fran xxxx
μάμμ-η ,  child's word for
A. mother, “ μάμμηPherecr.70, cf. Men. Sam.28; “Σισύφου μ.AP11.67 (Myrin.), cf. Epicur.Fr.176.
II. mother's breast, Arr.Epict.2.16.43.
III. later, grandmother, POxy.1644.12 (i B. C.), Ph.2.301, Plu.Agis4, LXX 4 Ma.16.9, SIG 844 B 5 (Chaeronea, iii A. D.), etc.
 Just in case you were wondering....

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