Wednesday, 10 March 2010

I love it when a plan comes together...

The man from Sainsbury's has been, huzzah!

Right, so we got the flat obviously (if you've been reading the other posts) and all we had to do was to get the schools coordinated and then move. The letting agents gave us four weeks to get things in order and it seemed like loads of time. Well, that was six weeks ago and we're just about there. This tale could go on for ever so suffice to say that once we had to deal with bureaucracy it all went South. It took me weeks to sort this out and I spent every day for three weeks making phone calls, attending meetings, viewing schools and I'm exhausted. What should have been a fairly straightforward process was mucked up by pen pushers and educational psychologists who struggle to string a sentence together let alone post paperwork correctly.

At the heart of our problem was the fact that most kids with ASD take such a long time to make any real progress when they have been placed within special provision and this wouldn't normally be achieved within the time scale of primary school education and so transitions to other schools only happen at P1 and at S1. At these times the pen pushers can take their time and use 4, 5, 6 months to shunt paperwork back and forward. So throughout the entire process I was berated for not giving the local authorities this time scale when in actual fact when I got a hold of the relevant paperwork, tracked down the appropriate people, had a look around  different schools, told them about A's needs and asked if they would take A, all in all it took three days. The city's people were fantastic and sympathised with our plight at getting things done. I'm attending A's annual progress meeting tomorrow so I'll have a few words to say then.

So that is it. A will now be attending a fantastic school in the city and starts on the 22nd of this month. He is very excited, has his new uniform, has met his new classmates and has had a tour of the school. We get the keys for the new flat on Friday and I'm already shattered.

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