Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Is the grass really greener on the other side? Part deux

Where was I? Oh right...A = big, house = small, children x 2, education now with options, future = uncertain.
So it turns out that we now have options for educating A so what do we do? We have some time to plan for this as he had only started primary six. Meanwhile, I increase in size continually until B is born in the November. Recovering from the aftermath of this event, in the house, I become all too aware of how claustrophobic the place is. We then decided that our next move should be to Edinburgh as it really doesn't make sense for us to live out here any longer. While it would be a big change for A, if we moved during the summer he would have one year of primary left to develop new friendships that he could carry over into high school. So that was that, our plan for the future, to be executed in the future...

So I start looking at the state of the rental market in the city and have a nose at one or two flats in the areas that we had picked out for schools. Unbeknown to me, OH is at work doing the same and when I discover this fact, we then start emailing each other our finds and talking very late at night whilst feeding B about the logistics. We decide to look for a two bedroom flat as we already have this and the bedrooms are not the problem. All the ones we looked at were expensive and we beginning to realise that our expectations are a bit unrealistic. Or are they? I stumble upon a flat and immediately email OH, it seems perfect so there must be a catch. Over the next week we talk and talk and talk some more about how we could do this and decide to view the flat as surely there is no harm in doing that. to put the flat in context we arrange another four viewings in similar flats in the same area. They were all a bit rubbish so by the time we came to view this flat we weren't very hopeful at all. Looking at the website I fell in love with the place. It was near an area for fantastic schools and was (surprisingly/worryingly) in our price range and had a quirky kind of charm about the place. After a few years of living in a relatively modern built boxy house, getting back to the city and it's architecture seemed exciting. The place was amazing. A few niggles but nothing major and niggles that apparently only bother me and not the rest of the world (I can spot dust on a skirting board from sixty paces). So that was that, we had found the flat that we wanted and had 10 and a half hours (until the letting agents opened) to decide if we were going to go for it.

We were at the door of the letting agents five minutes before it opened and someone was already there! Oh no! While both parties filled out the relevant application forms (and I stared at the other applicants with the same intensity displayed by the baddies in the film Scanners) we were informed that it would take a week to get an answer as to who will get the flat. We went home and waited...

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