Tuesday, 2 March 2010


Museum Collection: Antikensammlungen,
Munich, Germany
Catalogue Number: Munich 3297
Beazley Archive Number: N/A
Ware: Apulian Red Figure
Shape: Volute krater
Painter: Name vase Underworld Painter
Date: ca 330 - 310 BC
Period: Late Classical / Early Hellenistic
Detail of Sisyphos from a depiction of Orpheus' journey to the Underworld. The criminal Sisyphos pushes a rock up a hill, whilst an Erinys beats him with a whip. The Erinys is dressed as a huntress, and her hair swarms with snakes.

I realise that I havent blogged an update of our 'drama' for nearly a week now. I will have this done by tonight probably. I'd much rather sit here eat Hula Hoops, watch TBBT and recover from yet another meeting with yet another school in yet another district, with yet another Headteacher and still minus the appropriate paperwork. I wish I had some elevator musak playing in my brain right now... I envy Homer Simpson.

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