Tuesday, 16 March 2010


Hello All,
I have now taken to blogging rather than responding to texts, emails, phone messages as this can be done in one go whilst feeding B. I *promise* that when things go back to normal I will be a better friend and actually make human contact with you all.

Right so, what has happened? We got the keys for the new flat on Friday and remained suitably composed throughout the mountains of paperwork we then had to complete. Once out of the office, we did the happy dance and then we rushed to the car to make sure we didn't get a ticket whilst carrying B in her now very heavy car seat. Now we could be excited about the flat and what the future holds.

We arrived at the flat and promptly set to work. I had a certificate in my hand that stated that the flat had been cleaned 'deeply' and once I caught sight of the place was convinced that 'deeply' must be a euphemism as the cleaners clearly wouldn't know what a deep clean was if it hit them in the face with a bleach soaked J-cloth. OH sighs...I put on my rubber gloves. I would like to point out at this point that I do not have OCD (Well, I do but it's a copy of the latest Oxford Classical Dictonary), I'm just very particular about things (Yeah, Fran that would go down well at a support meeting...) and can spot a dusty skirting board from fifty paces. I then spend the entire day scrubbing the place with the silence being occasionally punctuated with cries of "would you look at that!" and "I thought this place was supposed to be cleeeeeaaaaannnn!". We have beautiful curtains to go up but I change my mind when I take the old pair down to discover some lovely panelling behind them. This promptly causes the dilemma of curtains or blinds and when I ask the OH his opinion, he just rolls his eyes and mutters something about it beginning all over again...whatever could he mean?

On the Saturday, we had our first visitors H and J who loved the place and are about to embark on their own moving drama in a matter of weeks. B is fascinated by H's hair (some people have long hair but H just seems to have masses of it and deserves her own category) and spends the afternoon trying to figure out ways of getting it into her mouth. I also take the opportunity to ask H the burning question of "curtains or blinds" which has now includes "what colour?" and judging from the laughter coming from the other room, the OH has overheard us.

Sunday and Monday were spent moving more stuff in with the car and breaking shelves...


  1. Hi Fran,

    I'm trying to see if comments can be posted, coz it doesn't seem to allow you to...

  2. Hello love,
    Yes they can. I just have the security settings high as there were some abusive comments posted before. So like the proverbial nightclub bouncer I moderate them before posting them on here. Lovely to hear from you. How are you enjoying the saga so far? Love to M. xx


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