Monday, 1 March 2010

A weekend been and gone...

This weekend was spent packing, gathering boxes, eating Aero bubbles and watching movies. I managed to escape for a breather with the Ladies for Sunday brunch and then cake from the Falko bakery. Things are still up in the air and we may have to unpack again and stay put after all of this but we're taking it in our stride as the saga continues. Have some Falko rye bread left so off to indulge in bruschetta and banana splits... The word ‘bruschetta’ comes from the Italian word ‘bruscare’, which basically means to char. As long as you’ve got some raw garlic to rub on the ’pane bruscato’ (toasted bread) and some good olive oil you can make bruschetta. Top with whatever you like (feta, pea and mint, tomato, smoked garlic and basil). As for the splits, sprinkle a halved banana with demerara sugar and grill until caramelised, top with remnants of whatever ice cream you have, any variation of unsalted nuts and chocolate sauce (mix a bar melted chocolate with either 50g of butter or 2 Tbsp of runny honey).

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