Wednesday, 19 May 2010

A lapsed blogger already

Things have been so hectic that I've had no time recently to blog at all or the only available time is at night by which time my brain is seriously fried. I promise to be better (fingers crossed)...

So where were we?

A and OH ran the Sport Relief mile two weeks ago. We (our party of runners and spectators) arrived in the morning (very early in the morning, on a Sunday - dark glasses were required) at the start point at Arthur's Seat where a huge crowd of very jolly people were warming up to very loud music. A and OH went to join the warm up and the spectators went in search of refreshments (as promised on the website). Alas the only refreshments on offer were an ice cream van (it was v. windy and v. cold) so we indulged while they warmed up. We gathered at the start point and didn't have to look hard to find the guys (OH was dressed in a luminous yellow waterproof despite my insistence that the running area would be cordoned off and nowhere near oncoming traffic) and they were off...

While we debated exactly how long it would take to run a mile (I am not prone to running, exercise or any manner of physical exertion that doesn't involve fighting off fellow shoppers during a shoe sale) A finished the race in 7 minutes. He had to go to and get a medal and a goody bag (good in a very loose sense, loose in relation to the contents which all seemed geared towards created loose bowel movements, prunes, bran, lo-salt...). The OH didn't stop, being a man of sizeable pride he decided to run a further two miles to make sure that they properly earned the money that they had raised. Some time later he came in and finished collected his medals and bran goodies and we set off for celebratory hot chocolate.

A enjoyed the praise and knew that we were all very proud of him and was particularly proud of the £365 that they raised. Our donors were very generous and Sport Relief really is a great cause.

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