Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Boggin' blogging?

I'm not sure how I feel about blogging at the moment. I like to write about my adventures and I like to read about others' but of late I haven't had the time to do it. Besides this, on my PDA I've been keeping up with a few blogs on a causal basis and it's made me question what it is I want to get out of blogging.

The blogs I've been reading plus the myriad of social networking sites (not the ones I follow on this but on Ning) have caused conflicting feelings about information sharing. From the most mundane facet of someone's' day to really big exciting news, we all have a tendency to type these announcements rather than share them face to face. I suppose because some people either feel like they must do this or that they really aren't great at expressing themselves via a written medium what comes across electronically on a daily basis can be boring, trite and just generally crap. I've actually taken people off a site who are perfectly pleasant people who I get along with when they are in the same room who insist on telling the world every since boring detail of their lives or are overly dramatic about the twists and turns of their existence and abuse the good old exclamation mark.  

Some people use chat rooms, blogs and social networks to bemoan their existence or to act like a twat, regaling us with tales of their domestic doings in a smug arsehole tone. I don't moan on these things, I merely inform and perhaps amuse. My life is a slapstick riot. I'm very Scottish so I throw in a good measure of self deprecating humour and often speak my mind in an incredibly blunt fashion. So am I the best person to blog my thoughts, my life, my opinions? Probably not. I love to muse, to ponder and share these things with the hope of a reply but from what I've experienced so far only smug bastards get replies from equally or greater smug bastards simpering faux congratulations or the needy depressed despairing types get sympathy and faux concern. Where do I stand in all of this?



  1. There are definitely people who read a blog entry, giggle and move on. And there are also people who read it, giggle and then make a comment. I have to admit I am normally one of the former, I think it's a very British "oh I don't need to put my opinions out there" thing. Having said that, if people invite discussion then I am more likely to get involved and start chatting myself. Maybe there's an element of not wanting to be the first one at a party? First to post a comment looks too eager is my worry. So you should be very proud of me overcoming that particular crazy thing at the moment.

    Do you think you'll be a happier blogger if you get more discussion going? I think knowing that would make me more likely to comment if that makes sense?

  2. I think I need to change format and get the discussion going. What I'm finding and what is generally pissing me off are the comments that I get on all of my networking sites. From a throw away comment to a personal opinion I seem to get arseholes commenting in a manner that sees me defending my opinion or explaining to them in a manner akin to talking to a child what exactly I mean.

    Take the recent general election. With election fever in the air, it seemed to be THE theme on all of the networks so when I cracked a few jokes all hell broke loose (mostly from no UK citizens I believe as well!).

    The private messages I get are all very warm and positive. Do I just have to beware of people who sit in front of the computer looking for an excuse to be an arsehole or should I respect peoples opinions for just that...their opinions? Even if they're wrong...lol!!


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