Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Budget 2010: good news for cider drinkers...

Money, it's a crime
Share it fairly
But don't take a slice of my pie...

                                                       "We're all in this together" Are we bollocks!

The Tories emergency budget was announced today and I am now faced with the task of working out how it will affect our family and explaining the whole process to my ten year old who seems to be picking up quite a lot of adult conversation at his new school. Whilst childish inquisitiveness should be fostered and kids should show an awareness of their surroundings as they get older, it is a right pain in the arse trying to fend off or answer questions on theology, religion, finance, society, humanity, philosophy on the walk home. A taster of last weeks topics include: why do priests want to have sex with young boys, Mum? Is it okay to believe in Santa but not in Jesus, Mum? What's a wino, Mum? My teacher had a miscarriage, Mum, what's that? (yes, I did phone the school about that one) and other horrific on the spot questions will follow this week (I'm positive he knows that I bullshit my way through half of these). So the latest was: what happened in the Budget today, Mum? Do we still have a house?

After five minutes Googlising the words consumer price index, I'm none the wiser on what has actually happened in parts of it. Basically, the very expensive business of having children has become for some people, more expensive but an expense that many people assume the state should cover. Tax credits are a Godsend at the moment and I don't know what we would've done without them. I do agree with the sentiments of some of the cuts concerning families and the actions today make it less attractive for young girls to have babies because they don't have anything better to do. I just wish the increases (if they ever come) could be more practical and geared towards making it easier for women to work. Come on Georgie-boy, how about funnelling some of the billions and billions you will save in benefit cuts into more childcare initiatives. Women wont work while it's not a viable option. But then this is at odds with Conservative policy. On one hand they want women out in the workplace earning their keep, especially if they are single but on the other they want the nuclear married family with the wives at home, channelling their energies into raising their family. 

It's shit and they're a shower of bastards but something has to be done to fix the mess we're in. As the song goes, it's a bugger that they're taking it from my slice instead of raising billions from the cider drinking habits of the jakies...

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