Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Guilty pleasures or freaky food

Even someone like me with a...shall we say 'worldly' palate (sophisticated sounds awful but is still commonly used in food blogging) has their guilty secrets. So I propose a confessional blog this week. Let out your secrets and embrace your freaky food fetishes!

Over the course of two pregnancies now, I haven't developed any weird cravings at all. I usually spend the nine month 'confinement' lamenting what I cannot eat (any cheese that tastes good, salamis, etc). But I do have some really gross habits (well, gross in the eyes of my OH). I don't eat junk food but I have been known on occasion to eat from the various tubs and jars that lurk at the bottom of my fridge, straight form the fridge and very late at night. With my racing spoon in hand I can eat my way through jars of extra hot chilis, lime pickle, Branstons pickle, pickled shallots, pickled onions, beetroot, olives, antipasti. On top of this I eat copius amounts of jelly sweeties and fizzy things...

How do you eat yours? Comment below.


  1. Erm, I'm a chef and I'm partial to the odd Pot Noodle.

  2. P.S Loving the blog, when I'm too tired to think up midweek recipes, I steal yours.

    Keep them coming.

  3. I eat all the things my kids are not allowed (when they're in their beds).


  4. Pot Noodles! Urgh. I feel slightly queesy after eating half a jar of Nutella.


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