Sunday, 13 June 2010

Everyone is a critic...

Sigh...tried replying to some of the comments posted on the blog but PDA is still wonky so when I remember what I had written, I'll reply.

So...a new thing, a review. Given the fact that we eat out regularly I thought I'd start up a review section covering Edinburgh eateries and any other stuff we get up to (usual involving children, apologies to my childless friends).

A recent review on a website led us to attempt to try out a little known place on Bruntsfield Links called Katies Diner. We had heard rave reviews of the place from our meat eating friends and given that the boys eat, well like cavemen we ventured out. Unfortunately when we arrived at said establishment, there in the window, was a little handwritten sign saying that children under five years of age were banned due to a lack of space in the restaurant. Meat eating plans scuppered we opted to go to Bisque 50 yards up the road. Tucked under the Bruntsfield Best Western Hotel, the hotel aspect was a little off putting and a quick squint at the menu showed that the prices were really reasonable. Had we made the right choice? Yep, it was fab.The place was spacious, the service was quick and incredibly polite. The prices were very reasonable given this side of the city and they have an awesome beer garden. The are is not short of eateries and pubs that are on the most part child friendly although they all seem to be located next to a main road. Once in a while it is nice to sit and sup your pint out of full view of the weekend drivers and passers by and if you crave this then I heartily recommend Bisque as a hide out for such clandestine activities.

A opted for the kids menu, which was quite unusual for him given his enormous appetite. His plan was revealed quickly when he stated that the kids menu included three courses, he picked the bruschetta to start, the fish and chips to follow and then the chocolate cheesecake to finish along with the obligatory fizzy drink that he's allowed only when we dine out.  I chose the wild venison and smoked duck salad with a dill and mustard dressing and then the steak sandwich with frites to follow. OH had the Thai fishcakes to start followed by spaghetti with chilli and prawns. B had some pumpkin mush and celery sticks that we'd brought with us. The whole meal would've been under £30 for the three of us had I not ordered a rather large  and expensive glass of Viognier to accompany my meal (a wine so fabulous it has it's own website on how to drink it!). The portions were decent and the food was fresh an very tasty. After which we slowly wandered home with bellies as full as eggs...

Have you eaten here or would consider it in the future?

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