Monday, 12 July 2010

Busy Bees

I think I've got ADHD. I can't stop. I'm perpetually knackered and yet when the opportunity presents itself to sit on my bum for a day, I politely decline and bugger off somewhere else.

Being a temporary stay at home Mum is tiring. Not content to sit around in coffee shops nattering or to palm my kids off so I can go and get fake nails, I'm always organising something. I race up to the school in the morning and after the 30 minute walk is finished and kisses goodbye are given, I'm off with B to her various music, activity, baby gym, sensory groups, not to mention the mother and toddler groups (lest my Classics related social skills rub off on her). I usually manage to make it home for an hour or so to give B her lunch, stick a washing in, do dinner prep and then I'm off again to pick up A and then take him to his various after school activities (Te Kwon Do, Drama classes, Music lessons, Scouts, Basketball, Table Tennis).

So when the summer holidays were looming I thought that I'd take advantage of living in the city and see if A wanted to do any summer camps this year. In the space of a few days, he had signed himself up for a week of drama camp, a week of contemporary street dance camp, a week of basketball, a week of trampolining and an animation workshop. This leaves me with only ten days in which to go for a short holiday up North and to fit all the various festivals in. The OH if off at the weekends so we are always busy then too. A has already filled up five of those days with days out with school mates (what do I do with eleven year old boys for a whole day?).

Today I woke up with no plans, nothing to do and what do I go and do, suggest a day out... See you lot later, probably much later. xx

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