Saturday, 31 July 2010

Glamourous Camping AKA Glamping...

I'm writing this because I can't sleep. Despite only having two hours sleep the night before (B's fault, although a rare occurrence so she can easily be forgiven) and pretty much running about like a dafty this evening, I can't sleep. I'm too excited. For tomorrow, Clan OhMammy are descending upon the tranquil shores of Loch Tay for a mini-break. We have embraced the latest fad of Glamping whereby someone else erects your tent for you and kits it out with the usual and sometimes not so usual accoutrements of norming camping. There has to be an element of the experience that is slightly Glam, whether it be the location (Morocco, Italy, South America) or an attraction. So for us, it is our Belle Tent is within the vicinity of a Michelin starred restaurant, a marina and some of the finest Scottish countryside imaginable. Hopefully the long weekend will be a roaring success and we can crack on booking our next bouts of Glamping further afield.Venice and then Barcelona is the plan so far.

On our way up to Perthshire we will be stooping at the Falkirk Wheel and then Stirling Castle and the Wallace Monument and then on to Killin for lunch. After this, without needing to set up camp, we'll dump our bags and explore the area. Guess where we'll be having dinner...

During our stay there is a music festival on in the area centring around Southern American music, and the Perth Concert Hall restaurant will be turned into a Soul Food cafe for the weekend so we'll be along to listen to some Bluegrass and to eat some grits! After this we'll be visiting the Crannog to participate in the Celtic Summer Harvest. Crannogs are a type of ancient loch-dwelling found throughout Scotland and Ireland, while one has been discovered in Wales in Llangorse Lake. Most are circular structures that seem to have been built as individual homes to accommodate extended families. Other types of loch settlements are also found in Scandinavian countries and throughout Europe. God, know what else we'll get up to.

Two kids, the OH and me in a tent for three this space.


  1. You're coming this way! Woohoo! I'm a glamper too; have lots of fun and sorry about the weather. ;O) xx

  2. Hi Helen, we had fantastic time despite the bitter cold! xx


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