Thursday, 29 July 2010

Social networking suicidium?

After much deliberation about the politics of posting and of social networking, I've decided to cut back on the crap and actually set aside a certain amount of time in my week to write my blog.

Tired of Facebook, (and quite frankly the people on it) I've now embraced the non-committal rambling stream of conscious that be Twitter to let out my daily rants, musings, thoughts and interests. With the character limit, there appears to be less drama on there and it's actually quite fun to gather up interesting tidbits to retweet to your followers, I still chuckle when it asks that.

I had contemplated committing social networking Hari Kari but then decided that I didn't have the resolve to do it. I Googled the words Facebook and cull and was flooded with blog posts and sites dedicated to asking the same questions as I was. How do I get rid of people I am disinterested in? How do I delete people I am related to without causing a fight? How do I inform people of my whereabouts and activities through my updates when people have access to my page who I don't want to know about these things? I'm far too much of a woss and despite my rather forthright manner, I live in eternal fear of offending someone, anyone, everyone. Despite this, I carried out a bit of a FB cull last week in which I deleted circa 50 'friends' and have yet to receive any threatening emails, although I did get a bit of a fright when I received a notification from Mafia Wars... I could really do with getting rid of at least another 50 or so but then the politics involved is just a headache. So I am forced to submit my thoughts elsewhere for more anonymous and kinder vultures :p

I have also resolved to wear my heart on my sleeve like I do in real life. I'm a giving person or so I am told and to not share, to write about drivel that is divorced from what my life is actually like seems wrong. Unfortunately it means that during some of more impassioned posts, the grammar will be shit and the logic will be all over the place. But you must bear with me, we all have days like that. If I'm being like Phanes (fannies! How very Chewin' the Fat), then tell me. xx

A stater of Phanes was for sale, an icon of the earliest period of coin production featuring the famous inscription “Phanos emi Seima” (I am the badge of Phanes).

The fourth specimen of a stater signed by the famous Phanes (Gorny & Mosch 185, no. 146) was knocked down at 300.000 Euro, which corresponds to a final price of 345.000 Euro. The under-bidder was sitting at home, at a computer in China. So far, only four specimens of this rare issue are known.

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