Tuesday, 31 August 2010


A has gone to Primary 7 camp for a whole five days! I'm beyond worried about how he will cope but the staff at the centre and the teachers have assured me that they will look after him and let me know if there are any problems. I went to the Middle East for two weeks and spoke to him three times a day every day but now he is only allowed to write to me via the SAE I put in his bag.

Our last exchange went something like this:

Me: *kiss
A: "Urgh! Mum! My friends are over there!" (Flails arms like Kevin the Teenager)
Me: "Sorry."
A: "Mum, it's okay to have a good time will I'm away, you know. Don't sit in the house and cry. I'll be having lot's of fun so you should too. Take B to Monkey Bizness or something."
Me: "I'll see. Now do you remember the rules for camp?"
A: "Yeeessss Mum. Hang up wet clothes, remember my manners, put my dirty clothes in polybags and listen to the instructors. Erm...erm... there was something else...."
Me: "Remember to change your pants everyday and clean your teeth twice a day!"
A: Oh yeah, I knew it was something boring...."
Me: "!"
A: "Love yooooouuuuu...." (runs off into school)

Cue tears and snotters!

I miss you wee man but I'm awfully proud of you!

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  1. Reports from camp: Midges are out in force and everyone is still alive.


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