Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Glamourous Camping AKA Glamping part deux.

So Clan OhMammy went Glamping and it was like camping, in fact it was camping. We lived in a tent, it was baltic, had to use communal bathing facilities, were bitten by midges and slept next to a field full of Heeland Coos. And it was awesome. my grandiose statements about blogging regularly were just that, grandiose. The school holidays have meant a severe lack of time and energy and even now as I try to concentrate on recanting the story of our little holibags up North, I'm becoming exhausted and am unable to recall what exactly we did. I must resolve to set aside a time to do this or it'll never get done.

Will update this soon. Back to school tomorrow. Am I organised? I've no idea, I'm too tired to think. xx

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