Wednesday, 22 September 2010

AA: A's Autism pt.4

So then came the move. I've blogged previously about how difficult moving schools was and we are still kind of reeling from all of the hullabaloo. Things are still unclear about what exactly will happen regarding his high school.

This aside A settled well into his new school and has made fantastic friends. Unlike the last school where he was the oddity, the little autistic kid that they allowed into the mainstream class. And unlike living out-in-the-sticks he could take his pick of afterschool activities as the prospect of having an autistic kid didn't petrify the instructors. In the Spring/Summer term after we moved he did table tennis, Tae Kwon Do, breakdancing, contemporary street dance (?!), Scouts, drama, basketball, rock academy and other bits here and there. This term he's doing two breakdancing classes, basketball, rugby, trampolining Scouts, drama and has only one day off a week. He wants football coaching and drum lessons on top of this so he's been told to wait until next term! 

However, his autism is rearing it's ugly head again....

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