Tuesday, 7 September 2010

GODIVA BOUTIQUE: This Thursday in Godiva ...

I urge all Edinburgh ladies to try this boutique. Godiva is the brainchild of Fleur MacIntosh and it's heaven for vintage pieces and individual designs. I am frequently seen drooling at the pieces in the shop window.

In 2003 Godiva creator Fleur MacIntosh embraced the world of vintage, second-hand clothing and opened her first wee vintage shop in Edinburgh's West Port, with a big fashion dream to turn Godiva into more than just a second hand store.

Godiva is a now fashion community with strong local roots and a belief in celebrating fashion without being enslaved by it. Over the years, Godiva has become a gallery for exquisite clothing for true believers, not only selling but creating, working at all levels of the fashion process from the ideas stage right through to the final product.

The constant belief in ethical fashion came naturally as part of the Godiva ethos – not dictated by trends but celebrating hand-made independent design. Godiva has built up a trusted relationship with both emerging and experienced designers, introducing new graduates' work as they take their first steps into the world of independent fashion. The showroom houses labels from Edinburgh, Glasgow, Brighton, London, Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham and Ireland.

Godiva attracts the more discerning individual customer, welcoming anyone who is looking for an alternative to high street gloom. Our visitors love us, regulars believe in us, follow and support us. Without them Godiva would not be the one-of-a-kind destination shop it is today, and after years of experimenting in the world of fashion, playing with ideas, projects and designs, Godiva has gained the experience and knowledge to stand out loud and proud in the 21st Century world of exclusive fashion.

Godiva is making some serious cuts and snips in the style world, with its new Made to Measure service creating much excitement. Future plans include a further definition of our fashion code by including bespoke menswear and an online store.

Godiva’s evolving status as a forward-looking and totally unique shop with affordable, award-winning designers making stunning clothes stands us in good stead for an exciting future.

Click below for an exciting and enticing offer:
GODIVA BOUTIQUE: This Thursday in Godiva ...

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