Thursday, 16 September 2010


I've been tagged in the grumpyness meme. Some kind person thought I'd be perfect for it!

This post could go on for days but I'll limit myself to ten things that make me grumpy: 

1. Middle Class. It's the middle aspect that makes them unbearable. 

2. People who talk far too loudly in restaurants. Most noticeably, Americans...

3. Reading peoples domestic quarrels on Facebook, ironically about Facebook.  It'll be Jeremy Kyle next, please stop wash your dirty laundry in public, you twats. 

4. Unfairness. This covers anything I want including kids getting ill, friend's losing precious people and bad things happening to good people.

5. Running out of filter coffee. I get emotional. An equally upsetting experience is tasting bad coffee. 

6. Moaners who need perspective. Get a grip. Ahem...

7. Posh hippies/rich socialists. To this day I've never met a poor Socialist or Marxist, what is that all about? Posh hippies go around looking like 'effin swampy and dressing their kids in bobbly hand me downs at the same time as parking their Land Rover Discovery outside their three bedroom Marchmont flat. 

8. Celebrities. All of them!

9. Dog shit. Some days you can't move for it in Edinburgh. Instant rage. 

10. Tv. It's all crap.

That's me done, happy days :)

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