Monday, 13 September 2010

Restaurant Review: Roseleaf Bar/Cafe

I had mentioned a while ago that I was going to start reviewing various child-friendly eateries in Edinburgh and here I hold true to that promise. If you paid attention to the title of this post you'll notice that the establishment under review is one for saints and for sinners! A rare breed amongst Edinburgh's eateries, the Roseleaf bar-slash-cafe combines the best of both worlds. In a climate where we're all used to bars that serve food, here is a boozer that serves afternoon tea and it is divine!

Through the front is the Roseleaf bar where there is a fantastic menu available night and day and through the back or rather at the other side of the bar is the cafe, littered with mismatched china and doilies. The Roseleaf has a quirky tea party theme. The menus are written in Scots with the prices being reminiscent of the Mad Hatter's price label. Even the night time cocktail menu consists of delicacies that are brought to you in huge antique silver teapots, aptly named 'pot-tails'. As a gin drinker I'm partial to the Rose bud (Hendricks with Rose scented lemonade with ribbons of cucumber).

Yes, but can you take the kiddies, I hear you cry. Yes! I say and kiddies of all sizes. The have high-chairs for the little nippers, a menu for the bigger ones (featuring Mince n' Tattie Vol-au-Vents for 400p, Super Power Porridge and the menu carries the promise of nae baddie chips because they zap your superpowers) and you can organise Mad Hatter Tea Parties for the even-bigger ones. The Roseleaf even owns a collection of vintage hats, hung from stands for you wear during your tea party.
I've been here numerous times now, with an assortment of hangers on and kids. A likes his food and ordered one of their all-day-breakfasts (the Big Yin!) and it was the biggest one he'd every seen.

Go to the Roseleaf! You might need some Rennies but you won't regret it.

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