Saturday, 18 September 2010

What not to wear...

...the answer being perilously high Kurt Geiger platforms! We have a wedding next week and given that I haven't dressed up since becoming pregnant, I have a major dilemma about what to wear to the event. I'm such a funny shape (blobby middle, short legs, big boobs) that buying an outfit is always a nightmare. Add to this the fact that I blew my entire budget on these beauties...I'm doomed!


  1. Thanks, love. And now for the rest of the outfit... Have seen a lovely blue dress in Hobbs.. Mmmmm ;P

  2. Ooh, they're lovely. Can you walk in them (presume you can else you wouldn't have bought them)? I can't do high heels anymore :o(

  3. Erm...sadly Tilly, I cant! Yes, I am one of those people with an Imelda Marcos collection of shoes I will never wear unless I am carried everywhere! But have just over a week to practice!

  4. I am in shoe lust right now. Remind me what size you wear? ;)

    Wear them all around the house, carrying B, up and down the stairs, chasing A to his room. Keep going till they're just a second much more beautiful skin.


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