Friday, 22 October 2010

Do you believe in magic?

Well, my son does. The problem is though that he is 11 years old. 11 and a half to be exact! My son (my autistic son) still believes in Santa Claus!

The time has come where Oh Daddy and I are wrestling with whether we actually tell A that Santa does not exist. Usually the normal course of these things is that over time, kids find out these things from older siblings or from friends in the playground. Being the eldest this life altering moment has passed him by and I suspect that his friends at his new school have not started talking about it, given the time of year.

The reason I bring this up now (I can hear your groans from here "it's bad enough that Tescos thinks it's Christmas in the middle of August...") is that I'm worried that he will casually mention it in the playground and will be subsequently mocked. At his old school, the rumour went around the playground and I was called into the headmistress office the next day as A had punched the offending mythbuster in the playground. I forget where exactly about his person he punched. He was so distraught by the news that  I went online and bought one of those letter from Santa things to calm him down. I sensed them that dispelling the myth of jolly old St. Nick was going to be harder than we thought.

At some point this week (I'm waiting for my moment) I will be killing Santy Claus. I will be taking out my imaginary AK-47 and blasting a big fat hole in him.

I'll let you know what happens and if we need referred to a psychiatrist...

I don't suppose you have any tips? Or a body bag handy?


  1. Oh feck. My autie dude is only 6 so I'm not there yet. I would love to be able to offer some advice, but all I can do is repeat "oh feck". XXX

  2. Ouch! Good luck. How sad for you but it must be wonderful that he believed for so long.

  3. Oh bum! Lovely that he has believed for so long but I agree that you need to tell him. I don't envy you and can't help at all. I have a book somewhere about answering children's questions. I'll have a look for it and see if it covers Santa Claus. Will let you know!

  4. Checked my book. Sadly, no mention of Santa. It's a rather 'serious' book. The nearest I could find was how to explain belief in God - it didn't even question his/her/it's existence! Not quite the same thing though, is it?!

  5. Thanks for your comments, ladies. And thanks to Tilly for checking that out! xx


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