Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Hmm... My first attempt at a Writing Workshop


This is a sound that comes out of my mouth on a fairly regular basis. I'm a muller (is that even a word?). I like to mull things over. My failure to take blogging seriously has meant that I've missed a wonderful thing called a writing workshop over at the blog Sleep is for the Weak. Often the author will post up five inspiring prompts that you can write about and link to. The link to your post is then activated and regular readers of that blog can access yours.

I was inspired by a prompt that was posted last week entitled what is your biggest priority right now? Do you need to rethink yours? as it was something I was already mulling over. The opportunity to write a post and link has passed so will tie it into a topic from this weeks list: Be present. Describe a moment, something in your now. Doesn’t have to be extraordinary, just be still and take it all in. For me the two prompts feed into each other if I stop to consider one or the other. 

So a moment from now...

Well, not right now. Now I'm sat at the laptop in my kitchen. I'm eating olives out of the packet, blowing my nose and sipping decaffeinated coffee because the cold remedy I'm taking is full of caffeine and I feel a bit wobbly.

So my moment is equally as dull but is special to me. I haven't picked a distant fabulous Hallmark moment but a moment that I have everyday. Last night around 7:30pm (quite late for us) Oh Daddy and I sat down for dinner with the kids. This is my moment and it also answers the question where do my priorities lie right now. Well, they lie here. It is here where I am at my happiest, the moment that I look forward to everyday as I look at my loved ones round our table, eating the food I've made, chatting about our day, laughing at our antics and dropping crumbs and food everywhere.

I had made a kind of emergency soup at the last minute as Miss B has her very first cold and I didn't have time for anything grander. As is the case with most breastfed babies, her source of comfort is me and she spent the entire day sucking her thumb with her hand down my top, cuddled in really tightly. I was shattered from running around all day between classes and school runs. Oh Daddy came home late from the office and while he distracted her, I made the soup. A had finished his homework without a fuss and was allowed to go to the park at the end of the road for half an hour.

I feel blessed because this is a moment that I get to have everyday but I'm becoming aware that this is only for the moment. My current sojourn as a SAHM is only momentary, something I may have let slip my mind.

The time is fast approaching where I need to think about going back to university or come up with another plan. A plan B, or C or D even and this will affect where my priorities lie. I may need to rethink where I am heading, what I want and what I can do and it's scary...

This is a ridiculously short post and something I pick up again when I have more time.


  1. Good luck.

    I too have struggled with this.

    I took 6 weeks off work to have a baby 10 months ago and no plans to go back. I shocked myself by loving being a SAHM. I always thought I'd aspire to more. Now I know there is nothing greater I could ever aspire to be.

  2. Good luck and a great post it is a big decision to take! I wish you all the luck with whatever you decide to do!


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