Thursday, 28 October 2010

Mind the Gap...

Some of you may have picked up on something in the press recently, a new fad/phenomenon. Gapped teeth!

I heard of this this morning from my folks (who are very nice people really but do watch utter garage on the TV such as X factor and the Wright Stuff). It is a subject dear to our hearts given that 75% of my family sport varying sizes of gaps between their teeth (natural and otherwise...Friday night bar fights anyone?). I have the good fortune to be gap free and often displayed a certain smugness during my childhood years given that both of my front teeth meet in the middle. My lack of gap was both a blessing and a curse. A good friend of mine won't mind me relaying a story from our childhood here (I think unless it digs up some deep seated psychological scars, then if so I apologise). I was lucky enough to have had two best friends at High School and they were very beautiful girls. Unlike myself, they could be bothered with their appearances and often took great pride in their hair, clothes and general appearance. I like Nirvana and Pearl Jam (enough said!). One weekend I was staying over on one of our sleepovers and unbeknown to me, both girls were shooting off in the morning to a modelling photo shoot competition thing. After they dragged a brush through my hair, I was dragged along. Several shoots later, we were informed that given that both girls had gaps between their teeth, I (ME??!!) would be picked for the official shoot and was promptly sent home with a portfolio, much to the delight of my mother. This smugness, it seems, was in vain...

Diastema (a gap between teeth) has often been viewed as a cosmetic defect, but there are indications that modeling agencies, fashion designers, and casting directors have changed their point of view.
At model casting calls for New York’s fashion week, which begins today, one of the most coveted attributes is an affront to modern orthodontics: gapped teeth.
The look is a bold departure from recent standards of idealized beauty that have rewarded curvaceous and perfect-smile models… In editorial spreads in Vogue and W, as well as ads for high-end brands like Chanel and Marc Jacobs, gaptoothed gals are having a moment…
“It’s a love for the imperfect, and the authentic,” says Stefano Tonchi, editor-in-chief of W magazine. “These are values that are more and more important for younger generations. Originality, authenticity…in a world that is more and more digitally enhanced.”
Don’t have a gap between your teeth?  Don’t despair.  You can have one created. David Deflin, the designer had one such procedure.

Struggling with a sense of alienation following the death of his father in 2008, fashion designer David Delfin asked an orthodontist to insert a bracket to open a space between his two front teeth."It was a metaphor for the separation I was feeling," said Mr. Delfin, who called his spring 2009 collection "Diastema," the medical term for the space. 

Now Miss B's front teeth are coming in further and guess what I see...


  1. Fashion is a fickle mistress!!
    I recently had many gap filled, not due to changing fashions but to a childhood of dental neglect. Wish I'd saved my money now!
    I'm off to chew some toffee.

  2. Hi, "met" you on Twitter! Thanks for the ff, and great blog! My teeth are crossed so it's no wonder I never got anwhere with modelling...
    That's my excuse anyway,

  3. My ex-husband could have made a mint then. He had a big gap in his lower front teeth where two teeth failed to grow.

  4. @Jean: She is indeed. My little sister was the first to fill in her gap and it looked awful! I personally think they used Polyfilla! x

  5. @WhatSheSaid: No probs. Checking out your blog as well. You were too good for them ;)

  6. @Tilly: Wow, that must have been huge! :o

  7. Good post! I used to have a small gap in the middle of my two front teeth but it closed as I got older and now my 10 year old has a gap too. Even though, in my eyes, she's the most beautiful thing I ever saw.

    CJ xx

  8. Miss B's front teeth are really coming in now and Madonna would be envious of her gap! xx


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