Monday, 11 October 2010

Number Eleven Noses.

Right before I start let me clarify what I mean when I say number eleven nose...

This is a number eleven nose (albeit an extreme example). It can come in various shades from white to yellow to green and is sported by babies and toddlers from all walks of life. I am scared of number eleven noses and the children who sport them and I am pissed off at the parents who leave their houses and enter baby activities with number eleven nosed kids.

What the hell is it with parents and sick kids. Yeah, kids get sick all the time and it must be hard to stay in the house with them as there is shopping to do, kids to pick up etc etc. But when did it become acceptable to walk into a mother and toddler group, to plonk your infected child amongst the rest of them and then to run off after some Tarqunnia or Petunia to sit and have coffee and a blether for an hour? I suspect that the reason you haven't seen T or P for weeks is because your child looks like the picture above!

The point of this rant? Miss B has a cold, her first ever cold and it's now been going on for weeks. Although on days where she doesn't seem particularly bad with it, I take her to activities I watch her like a hawk to make sure that she isn't sharing something she has been chewing on with other kids and to make sure her nose hasn't crusted over with bogeys. I know this might be a bit neurotic but I'm just a bit funny with germs. One the one hand, I do not sterilise things but on the other hand sanitiser has been employed in our house since having B and with cooking so much, I am always wary of bacteria.

I've been swithering between taking her to things and keeping her quarantined for the time being. I would feel awful if a baby caught a cold from her but this is something that doesn't seem to bother ANYONE else at our activities. Last week we were at one class (who shall remain nameless) and there was a kid whose face looked a bit funny. Now I still haven't booked that eye test so I was peering and squinting away at this child from across the room trying to figure out why he looked so funny...

and then it dawned on me...he has conjunctivitis! Big gunky, sticky green eyes! Pink eye as the Americans call it.

And might have guessed that I only realised this when the little nipper started crawling towards me! As I steered Miss B around the play equipment, I brandished my imaginary broom handle keeping said nipper at a distance of at least 6 feet away from her at all time, which in quite a small room involved me and B slinking along the walls for the last 45 minutes!

She had an extra large chunk of sleep in her eye this morning and I nearly fainted...

What do you do?


  1. First of all thank you for following my blog.

    Secondly I feel your pain. My second born child has the unique talent of catching any big going. However, she is not the sort of child that merriely wipes her nose on her sleeve and keeps chugging on. When she's ill she ILL.

    Of course I take up my post as general snot wiper and cough catcher. So obsessive am I at wiping noses I have on some occassions made her's extremely sore. When she is ill I avoid going out and will only do things that have to be done. Often resotring to asking my husband to do the shopping. "Did you remember the foil? No? But that's the ONE thing I asked you for!"

    Yet on the rare occasions that she's not ill and we go out we're bombarded by snpot encrusted children that have never seen a dampened hanky!

    Now she's at Nursery school I have given up trying to keep her away from the germ ridden and instead deal with the fall out clinging to the promise that this stage won't last forever.

  2. New blog follower from Rhode Island, USA! I am scared of number 11 noses too and I am going to steal that phrase and use it this winter! GAG.

    Come visit -


  3. I whole heartheartedly agree with you. This is a massive bugbear of mine and has been since I was pregnant and bedridden for a week by a cold I picked up at work. Ever since I've developed a germ radar and Boone with any nasties is coming within fifty feet of me and my baby. Sadly this meant Granny didn't get to hold Lyra for days after she was born as she had swine flu at the time!

  4. SeeThreePeeO: I'm sure it won't last. Enjoying your blog. x

    Jess: Hi Jess, thanks for following! It's still here and as green as ever... x

    Pooky: I've just finished bleaching all the surfaces for the second time today. I'm going to need a some moisturiser! x

  5. Nipper was permanently snotty nosed after starting nursery.I was pretty horrified to see how many kids had snot all down their faces and none of the staff seemingly noticing it. I ended up having the flu, followed by gastric flu (very nasty) which then turned into a serious chest infection which wasn't responding to the antibiotics when I was 20 weeks pregnant with Tiddler. Had 3 days in hospital and a CAT scan to make sure I didn't have a bloodclot in my lungs. Not good at all! Now I see that Chickenpox is doing the rounds. I get really cross when people don't quarantine their sick kids. Everyone seems to think it's ok to spread chickenpox but it can have devastating effects on a pregnancy. Now you've got me started and rattled my cage!!

  6. I say we print up t-shirts for the little ones warning the dirty little petri dishes to stay away!

    Go Tilly! Germ Warfare...


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