Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Poorly bebe!

The reasons for the recent radio silence is that little miss B has been ill. Very ill.

She caught her very first cold (see earlier rant about mixing with germ-ridden children).

However, what started off as a cold developed into a chest infection. I had to really press the GP to give her something to speed up her recovery.

Just as I'd managed to eventually squeeze the GP to give her an antibiotic, she caught some nasty gastro bug and has spent the best part of the last few days re-enacting THAT scene from The Exorcist!

The little limpet has had this default position for the last few weeks

Our October break plans to go away were scuppered but we're using the opportunity to spend time doing nothing and soaking up our first Autumn in Edinburgh.


  1. Aww, poor babe! Hope she's feeling better soon. We had a nasty time when Tiddler was just 6 weeks old. Caught a very nasty germ via Nipper (thank you snotty nosed kiddies at nursery!) and we ended up back in the hospital for observation. Initially they were going to pop him on a nebuliser which was rather alarming but in the end decided to just watch him for the day. I think they thought he had swine flu and just wanted to be careful. They wouldn't give me anything for him but said if he didn't get any better then to come back and they would see what they could do. Very strange thing to say as surely if they could give him something we could have done with it straight away, not waited till he got worse! He's got another chesty germ now so I'm debating whether to go to the docs or take a wait and see approach.

  2. Oh dear. What an ordeal. I went through something similar with A at that age where he ended up on O2 for five days with an RSV.

    As much as I agree that we can't dispense antibiotics every time they get a bit chesty, I find the waiting particularly hard and can't help but think that if she'd had the antibiotic when I took her, it wouldn't have developed any further!


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