Friday, 1 October 2010

Wild things again...

“He who fights with monsters might take care lest he thereby become a monster. And if you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.” Nietzsche 

When Fredrick Nietzche wrote this in his book Beyond Good and Evil, his motivation for exploring the nature of humanity was his deep suspicion of it, a deep mistrust of all of the elements that develop humanity over time; truth, religion, morality, knowledge, philosophy.

While I'm sure that Nietzsche meant something incredibly insightful by this quote, given our experiences at Miss B's activities this week this quote sprung to mind and I thought it was apt.

We had a phone call over the weekend to say that B had gained a place in a very good toddler group (we had put her name down about six months ago). I had no idea as to how we were going to fit this in because I'd forgotten all about it and signed up for other things in its place. So we went and it was experience! We have been attending other toddler groups in the area and things were going well. Miss B loves to watch the other kids toddle about and enjoys the company. Because she's in the 9 -12 month stage of her development, everything is changing and her abilities are widening at a rapid rate. She wants to toddle about with the rest of the kids and walks along along the furniture beside them. When we rocked up to this group, there was no furiture to walk around and the baby walkers they had went too fast on the laminate floor so I stuck her in the potato baby corner (there were four sections of the room) where she proceeded to while away the hour pulling the socks off of two adorable baby boys. It was very noisy and really bustling...

Alright...I'm being polite. It was wild! A jungle even. Punching, kicking, snatching, stealing, was occurring. Noses were being picked, pants were being pulled from bums, fluff from the floor was being tasted. As I watched the sections of kids and siblings battle it out like Thunderdome, I thought we'd sit this one out in the corner beside the bubbling potatoes. I got chatting to a few mums in the baby corner and B was in her element exploring a whole new set of toys. All was good and right with the world until...

Until one little darling ran at full pelt into the baby corner dressed as a racing car driver and tripped over B who was inspecting a bowl of raisins.  As I lunged to rescue B/attend to the fallen darling, he promptly got up to his feet and slapped B full across the cheek!

Aaargh! My babbbbeeeeeeeee! B broke into hysterics, like we'd never seen before and I tried my very best restrained stern Mummy voice on this child who burst into tears and ran away to tell his Mum on me for giving him a row!

Then on Thursday at another toddler group B was in the baby wars again. She was toddling along minding her own business when a little darling pushed her over and she fell flat on her face, her nose to be exact.

And then it hit me (pardon the pun)...

This is what toddlers do. Or so I was told by every parent in the vicinity. They fight like Edward Norton and Brad Pitt. Boundaries are being explored and tested. It's been so long since I've had one that I'd forgotten what having a child under 11 was like. Was A ever like this? I can't remember...Was Nietzsche right when he uttered he who fights with monsters might take care...

Am I right? If so then it won't be long before we're shouting "B! No!"


  1. What a complete and utter nightmare! And if this was the prestigious toddler group, what are the ones with spaces like?!

  2. I think people are making excuses. There's none of that behaviour at the toddler group we go to. Both Miss Muffett and Nipper would happily give toys over if someone else wanted them. And I've never come across any of the kids fighting or hitting each other. That's dreadful!

  3. I can't remember A ever behaving like this. I would've died if I'd caught him doing that.

    We didn't go back this week because I'm just a big sap!

    Will give it another go though just to be sure and might buy B one of those baby crash helmets...


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