Wednesday, 27 October 2010

My precioussssssssssss......

I started to write this blog post in a tone which presumed like me, every mother out there has gone through this experience and then it struck me. What else does this? What if I am alone in my selfish pursuit of precioussesssss..... Gah! What if I will appear like a complete monster upon publishing this post? Oh well, bugger it.

Miss B's first birthday is fast approaching and I've been trawling the tinterwebs looks for wonderfully exciting toys for a one year old. I have fully researched what toys are age appropriate, what toys are developmentally stimulating and what ones are recommended by toy-type-people. And you know what? They're all quite boring! Electronic thingy-me-bobs whizzing and beeping and singing silly little songs in sickly sweet American voices and I hate them. I do, of course buy them as that what everyone else buys their kids but I do keep a mental wish list. A wish list that reads if I were a one year old girl, then I would LOVE this...

I did the same for A and I appear to be doing the same for Miss B.

Does that make me a monster? Every so often, I will buy one of these ridiculously expensive age-inappropriate toys.  I do have to remind myself, that it isn't me that will play with them!

I'll show you a few examples of my maniacal toy buying trends:

Exhibit A

Miss B loves to play musical instruments and already has quite a few. I thought this would be nice to add to her collection. It's the whizz-bang-wallop VTECH piano electronic thingy-ma-bob.

Now this is perfectly respectable and I'm sure she will have lot's of fun with it. But if I were a one year old child who was into music, I would want this:

How awesome is this?!! It has 25 keys, is hand crafted in Germany and is a proper teeny tiny piano. A bit less X factor and a bit more conservatoire...

Exhibit B
Now this is another all singing, all dancing thingy-ma-bob. It's a Fischer Price Learning Kitchen

Now this, is the wooden Brio Red Stove for quiet contemplative cooking...
I AM a monster!


  1. ooooh I would do exactly the same and have done - my son has a 3 storey dolls house (wooden - I'm so shallow!) he loves it. I love challenging male friends who snort about it, but I especially like rearranging the furniture!

  2. Phew.... It's not just me then! xx

  3. No, you have style! Love the piano and I WANT IT! It my experience, the classics are the ones that stand the test of time - too many 'whiz bang whallop' toys don't actually leave any room for play - wierd but true!

  4. Ha ha! it seems that we blogged on similar lines... I do quite enjoy the electronic toys but I need to know NOW where to buy that piano. That would make such a fab present (and I've bought so few...)

    When is your little'uns birthyay? Maybe we have had this discussion but our our two must be very close in age (Lyra is one on November 18th)

  5. @Penny: So very true and much better looking than the plastic ones! x

  6. Ha ha Pooky, I've given her all the presents and books that I'd been collecting. I'll let you know about the piano as the German stockist is out at the moment. I caught your post today (great minds and all of that ;) ).

    Lyra is exactly one day older than Miss B! What else have you bought? How did you get on with that bug bike thing?


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