Thursday, 16 December 2010

Christmas Shopping...

Now I've had my fair share of grumpy posts of late and was saving this one as a back up. Just in case you lot think that I'm mellowing in my old age.

Years ago with the birth of A I learned that although shopping for kids is one of the most fun activities a parent can have whilst carrying around grumpy kids, it is also a nightmare during the festive season. I know a few of the readers here are native Edinbuggers but just to illuminate what Edinburgh's Princes Street is like from the months of November to January:

Alright...while this shopping district in Quiapo, a district in the centre of Manila, Philippines is half the size of Princes Street, you get the point...

So when A was about 3 years old I acquired internet access and every year since while friends huffed and puffed their way through the various shopping spots in the Edinburgh and the Lothians, I sat back with my coffee and biscuits, logged on and completed the whole task in less than 24 hours. The next few weeks would be spent making Christmas decoration and receiving packages from the post person.

Until this year that is.

Edinburgh has been hit really hard by the snowfall.

The army had to be brought in to clear the streets, schools were shut for an entire week and none of the pavements were cleared or gritted. With a baby in a buggy I was housebound for a week! The snow meted and then turned to ice and after witnessing a few people fall with baby's in slings, I stayed in the house. With the snow crisis we have been having here all of the parcels I ordered in November haven't arrived! I have none of the kids Christmas presents and have had to face the terrors of Edinburgh shopping to buy back up gifts and all of the relatives gifts.

It has started to snow again....


  1. I hope they arrive - I just received an Amazon order from 25th November 2 days ago so fingers crossed. I've been putting off visiting the Christmas Market this year cos I have this strange preference for picking the direction I want to move in, but I fear we are running out of time.... we may only have the weekend left (urgh!)

  2. They're slowly coming in now, Nikkii.
    I attempted the market a few times with the buggy and developed market rage so gave up and had a sneaky Glühwein when I was on my own. Miss B loved the lights and A loved the pretzels. Merry Xmas. x


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