Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Feeling Cheated....

I consider myself cheated out of Miss B's first Christmas...

On Christmas day last year she was only four weeks old. It was a magical time, a time to reflect on the past year and our lovely new addition to our family. It was also a time of burning the goose fat for the roast potatoes and ballsing up pudding due to breast feeding on demand. But on reflection Miss B was just a dribbling potato-headed ball of poop and spit. Lovely with it but far too small to take in the significance of the event. We bought her a few trinkets and excitedly opened them up in front of her and the fuss, unaccustomed as she was, just made her cry.

This year I was ready to buy all the trimmings for her, a stocking, some baubles etc etc but all the baby ones are marketed only towards Baby's First Christmas! Trying to buy something special for Xmas this year has been a drag and I still haven't found anything I liked. When I moaned about this with some of the mothers at our local M&T group I found that many others shared this pain. Adorning your kid with a babygrow exclaiming baby's first Christmas when they sleep through the entire event is a bit of an anticlimax. No that our little darlings could manage to be lucid for more than ten minutes at a time, the solution they proposed was to fake it. To recreate Baby's second first Christmas complete with all of the trimmings. But as I stood in JL looking at the stockings and commemorative photo albums, it all felt a bit fake. What did these women do with the evidence of last years festivities, however momentary? Burn them? Hide them in the attic?

I wish someone would create a line of gifts declaring Baby's first PROPER Christmas!

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