Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Festive Frolicking FAIL!

or otherwise-known-as "why I can't drink anymore"...

Every year our festive season is fully booked with social events, dates and get togethers as well as family gatherings. Each year we usually manage a good mix of alcohol-fuelled events coupled with grown-up dinners. Looking through my diary for this year and I've noticed that it seems to be only food-centred occasions this year. Have I planned this unconsciously? Part of this might be due to the addition of Miss B this year and so our babysitting privileges are once again limited but part of it I think is due to my lack of capacity for drink.

I don't know about you but the birth of another child brought the forced abstinence of pregnancy and the combined abstinence of breastfeeding and tiredness from all alcoholic substances. And so again I find my tolerance for drink has gone through the floor. Not that I'm in the habit of getting pissed on a regular basis but when I drink I feel tired and I can no longer with the accompanying hangover which lasts for days (to be fair, the last one did merge into some kind of stomach bug). 

Given that I have such a huge gap between kids, I was getting into the swing of things again after having A. I was wearing heels again, I was vaguely aware of fashions although I choose not to follow them. I could stay up later and later and survive on very little sleep and had quite a stockpile of make up and invitations to nights out. 

Now I'm back to square one again! The only make up I wear these days is cover up and of course mascara if I can find it. If I do have the time, which usually means forgoing everything else on my list to do while B naps to put on a full face, I end up going to bed with it on and end up looking at a smeared version of myself in the morning accompanied by a giant plook! I haven't worn a pair of heels for months and so have no idea where they are an on the odd night out I do go to, I don't have the time to look for them and so go out in flats and am the shortest person there. Also time being short when dinners and bedtimes have to be done means no consideration can be given to my wardrobe and I'm still wearing things I wore when I was pregnant. 

Also I'm constantly knackered so if I am invited out by the time the event actually comes around the corner I really can't be arsed and have fallen asleep on the couch before I've gotten my tights on. But on those magical nights where I do make it out of the house past 7:30pm and I am fully clothed and presentable what then? As much as I love to dine out, a full belly makes you tired and shouting over terribly loud background (yeah, it;s meant to be in the background) music makes you horse. At least at a meal you can behave yourself but what if the evening descends into drinking and dancing?

Well all hell then breaks loose as you start to drink like you would pre-pregnancy and you dance around the place like you would pre-children! All sense of embarrassment goes out of the window. And some dear friend puts up the evidence on Facebook the next day...


  1. It's an age thing (ducks and runs really fast which I can do cos I only ever wear TRAINERS now)


  2. *blows a giant festive raspberry!



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