Tuesday, 14 December 2010

"Oh, the Who-manity!"

I live with the Grinch.

Perhaps that's a bit too harsh. It's not like he wants to steal Christmas, he would just rather it happened on a smaller scale in our house or at all. So perhaps we'll just settle for calling him Scrooge McDuck...

Now to understand the nature of Oh Daddy and I's relationship is complicated so I'll cut it short. We're very similar in some respects  but for the majority, we are complete opposites. It keeps things interesting and in fact we first fell in love whilst locking horns over some political hot potato of the time. Me with my naive liberal Left Wing views and him with his institutionalised Centre-Right Wing opinions. Oh...the folly of youth and hormones! Over time we have simultaneously influenced each other to form our own distinctive brand of thinking and we live in peace and blissful harmony for the majority of the year....until Christmas time that is.

Oh, I forgot to mention that I LOVE Christmas! Yes, my feelings regarding the festive season warrant the use of capital letters. My Christmases get bigger and grander as the years go by. And I say my because he just comes along for the ride, sighing and tutting his way through the holiday, looking for batteries, cutting toys out of packaging resembling a puzzle out of the Krypton Factor. I will also point out that his humbug attitude quickly dissolves on Christmas morning when Santa has been good to him (again!) and he sits back, loosens his belt and eats his way through two weeks of holidays from work. 

I go totally overboard every year with presents and food and I even sing carols whilst (tastefully) decorating my tree. Perhaps overboard is underestimated how carried away I get with the festive season.... Our house even has festive fragrances splashed liberally everywhere as a constant reminder that Santa is on his way. I should also probably direct you to a previous post of mine on the dilemma that we faced this year regarding our eleven year son, who coupled with ASD and an over-zealous mother who thinks she's one of Santa's elves STILL believed in Santa until said mother had to reveal the awful truth...

Every year I think he's going to get into the swing of things and every year comes out with ridiculous things like "Do we really need a Christmas tree?" and "Why does it smell like a forest in here?" while I threaten to strangle him with my wreath if he rolls his eyes again!

He loves it really....

Ho ho ho!


  1. I feel your pain, my hubby doesn't hate Christmas he just thinks it's one day (I think it's a season!) and he thinks the decorations should go up on Christmas Eve..... he can think that all he likes - I just ignore him and get on with it!

  2. I asked him indoors tonight if he was getting excited. He sighed and walked away.


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