Wednesday, 22 December 2010


Xmas preparation is in full swing at OhMammy towers.

For the last wee while, the baby has been ultra clingy and I wasn't until I started getting bit ratty with Miss B this afternoon that I realised that she was interrupting my unconscious festive OCD. I suddenly realised that I have the weirdest Christmas preparation rituals that I do every year without fail.

 So I thought I'd take a moment to reflect on and share my weird Christmas rituals.

1) I always change the bed linen. It doesn't matter whether it's not that old, I change it anyway. It's as if I think Santa Claus appreciates the fact that we have crisp and fresh linen on the beds.

2) I clean the whole house from top to bottom. Again, I do everything again. Whether the bathroom floor has just been mopped, I do it on the 22nd...again.

3) I wash all of the dirty washing and iron it. I even go through the odd sock bag in the hopes that I'll find another match.

4) I buy poinsettas. Ugly, ugly red plants that always die before the 25th.

5)I buy a fresh pair of Christmas pyjamas for everyone that are laid out on their beds on Christmas eve.

6) I bake cookies for Mr S. Claus.

I'm sure there are others that will appear over the next few days... It's not just this weirdness but it is accompanied by the following behaviour. I growl at people who put dirty clothes in the basket. Nobody is allowed to make a mess and on no account is anyone allowed to eat said cookies...

Is it just me?


  1. I am utterly affronted that anyone dare change their underwear from 22nd onward and force me to WASH CLOTHES during Christmas - so I bung it all in my bedroom and close the door... unseen... unheard... let's just leave the other senses out of this ;)

  2. Nikkii: I have mountains of washing now! xx


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