Sunday, 30 January 2011

Dear So and So...

Well I've gone a bit mad and started looking for new flats.

I've always kept an eye on what comes up on the market but had ignored the emails lately focusing on other things. Whilst discussing moving house with a friend who like us needs a bigger place, three fanastic places dropped into my inbox. Seeing as I'm a kind of strike while the iron's still hot kinda gal, I arranged viewing for this week and have been to see a few. Given that we live near the City Centre in Edinburgh and we're clearly not millionaires, wherever we go next there will need to be some degree of compromise. But where exactly this compromise will be, I have no idea. I've been to view a house and a flat so far. The house was very exciting as it's quite near the centre and has a garden but the layout of the house has been tampered with to make the property a three bedroom one. Since the viewing we have ruled it out as it's only really comfortable as a two bedroom property. I've seen one that is very exciting but it has a few niggles and niggles that concern me. It is quite possibly the biggest flat I've every seen in our price range and it has some beautiful original features but is further out the centre than I would've liked. Despite me reminding the mothers of Edinburgh that this city really is a tiny place, moving here would mean moving Toddler groups and mixing with a completely new and different set of mothers. Also because I'm apparently a fussy bugger, I'm finding it hard to get past the horrible carpets and bogging light fittings. Seeing as we're renting, I can't get around the faults. So do we sacrifice space for a garden and our own front door or so I look past the navy blue and gold carpets and faux brass chandeliers for masses of space? Hmm...

Anyway, the point of this post was supposedly to do another meme. I had thought that I'd discovered pretty much most of the parent bloggers out there but while Googling three bedroom bungalow, I found another fab read. Kat over at (funily enough) Three Bedroom Bungalow blows off a little steam each week by writing a post entitled Dear So and So... Given that I like to vent via the glorious medium of blogging I thought that I'd join in.


Dear Pinot Grigio,

I'm sorry that I didn't get to enjoy more of your company last night but after one glass together, I fell asleep.




Dear Flat,

Why oh why can't you magically grow another bedroom. I like you very much and wanted to be friends for longer.


The person who doesn't hoover enough.


Dear BBC,

Can you remind me please why I pay my license fee? If I see one more celebrity dancing, I may just throw our television out of the window and then you can't prosecute me for not having one.


Reality TV Hater.


Dear Christmas Sweeties,

I know that Santa brought you for our lovely children and that you expected to be enjoyed by someone with fingers far smaller than mine. I'm really sorry for taking you out of the packet and eating you very late at night.

With Regret,

Greedy Mummy

Dear Readers,

Thanks for being here.


Oh Mammy. xxx


  1. hehe, love your letters.

    Especially the one to your wine... I too am a lightweight when it comes to wine. I'm asleep after half a glass...

    Malibu however....


  2. Haha! I posted a lightweight one yesterday due to not drinking all my cider on Friday night :(

    Love the Christmas Sweeites one!

    Great letters.

  3. I love that you actually found my blog whilst looking for a new flat! Great Dear So and So!

  4. @Hannah: Remind me not to let you near the Malibu then! I haven't actually touched that stuff since I stole some from my parents drinks cabinet... That's a post for another time. xx

  5. @SAHM: Thanks! It's ridiculous that I can't hold my drink. I'm Scottish after all... xx

  6. @Kat: thanks. I enjoyed reading your posts. xx


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