Friday, 28 January 2011

Facebook Friday Week 4 Bloghop

Huzzah, It's Friday again!

So for the uninitiated it's my turn to host Facebook Friday.

What happens is you click on the linky tool below and submit the link to your Facebook Fan page. A bloghop of sorts...

It's a chance for us to share our blogs with each other and boost our readership but also a chance to view  those personal little messages that we might post on our pages. The link will be active for a week and then next week it's the turn again of the utterly fabulous GhostWriterMummy. If you're new here,please take a minute to stop and have a browse at my blog and also my Facebook Page.

Submit your link


  1. Hi Mammy,

    I only have a page on networked blogs. I hope it was ok to post this. I haven't figured out the facebook page bit as yet. I wasn't sure what to categorize myself as etc.

    Lynne x

  2. Of course! Welcome aboard Lynne. xx

  3. I already have your page which is how I saw this, what a wonderful idea. Have a wondeful Friday and hope a superb weekend oxox

  4. Thanks for hosting this! I learned from SJ. :)

  5. Thanks for hosting this week x

  6. Thanks for the comments lovelies. Have a wonderful weekend and I'm looking forward to getting to know you (and your blogs) better. xx


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