Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Facebook Friday

Well it would appear that it is my turn to host a Facebook Friday.

Facebook Friday is an event where you link up your Facebook Fan page and your blog to gain a wider readership and a few more fans.

Now the last one was held over at GhostWriterMummy's blog and it had the theme of why do we blog.

I tried to do a theme but quite a lot of people have had problems linking their individual posts. So I suggest we all just link our FB pages and have fund trawling through the content. Good luck!

Link up your Facebook page and your individual post here:

When the Linky tool asks you for the link address I would suggest that you put in your Facebook page one and not your original blog one so people might miss your page.


  1. Thanks for hosting this--what an excellent idea! We get to spread the word about our own pages as well as meet new bloggers! I'm now a new follower here and a new facebook like-er too :)

  2. Hiya :) I tried to link up my FB fanpage and it wouldn't work so just put in my blog url instead as I have the fanpage widget on my blog. Thanks for hosting :) Jen

  3. Hi Jen, thanks for posting. The idea is in it's infancy and has a few kinks that need ironing out. xx

  4. Hello, I see you've changed the theme so I've linked up now. I was musing about this link-up, and I was thinking you could get people to link up on a different page (like what happens when you try to use a Linky list on and then manually input the facebook links and post links together on the main post. Like Chris at Thinly Spread does for her Friday linky. The downsides are it would be a lot of work for whoever was hosting, and I'm not sure if/how you can get the Linky list on a separate page if you're not on Does that make any sense?

  5. No problem Mich.xx
    Thanks for the advice Imp. xx


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