Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Fancy knowing 7 new things about me?

The very lovely Mich at Mummyfromtheheart has tagged me in a meme attached to a stylish blogger award. My first one! Thank you!

The only rule attached to this is that I have to tell you 7 completely new factoids about my little old self and tag other bloggers that I know. Seeing as I haven't been blogging that long or taken part in these meme's before, it should be relatively easy. Or is it?

1. I can't swim. I had hearing problems as a child and needed little plastic grommets inserted into my ear canals to allow me to hear. Back then, they weren't as sophisticated as they are now and the doctors advised me not to put my head under water. The grommets were only supposed to last a short time but were there for 6 years. During that entire time, I didn't go anywhere near beaches, pools etc. As a consequence I hate being splashed whilst being in the pool and I freak out a little if I get water in my ears whilst in the shower.

2. I have nine and a half toes. I have a freaky toe that stopped growing years ago. I Googled this to find out if there was a cause. My search returned no results...

3. I love Gossip Girl. It is my secret shame. I love American TV series and me and Oh Daddy own more and have watched more box sets than anyone we know. I had run out of things to watch while in those early breastfeeding days and discovered GG. The plot (...and I use that technical word in a very loose sense) centres around a bunch of bratty, privileged kids who whilst high on hormones, Cristal and class A drugs get up to all kind of mischief. It provides my high fashion fix now that SATC has died.

4. I am scared of pets. This is a terrible admission but I don't get them. I am severely allergic to animal fur/hair and I have such a bad reaction to it that it has made me incredibly wary of pets coming anywhere near me. For me there is no feeling equal or worse than visiting someone who has animals in the house and trying to be polite and hold a conversation whilst your throat closes up. My mother-in-law-equivalent is the only one who understands and the only house I can visit without going into Anaphylaxis. The worrying thing is people think you're overreacting or making it up and it's not until you're hospitalised that they bother to mutter "I didn't realise it was THAT bad..." I told you! So I start to sweat when they come near me.

5. I suffer from crippling stage fright. When I was at school one of my teachers entered me into Junior Masterchef but I refused to go. Also I was nominated for the BBC's Young Musician of the Year but I didn't hand over the permission for to my parents. When the 1990's Madchester scene hit I grew a long fringe and played in lots of bands. Shoegazing stopped the stage fright! For the first time in years, I have a shorter fringe than I have ever had.

6. I'm an accident waiting to happen. As a small child I was constantly recovering from one mishap or another. My little sister could swing from lamposts, climb the highest tree in the woods and avoid danger easily. When it was time for dinner I would have to go and fetch her from where she was playing. It was at this point that she would do a somersault and dismount from whatever she was climbing without a scratch and I would trip up over the pavement outside our house and knock a tooth out.

7. I feel lost without my lists. I make lists of everything I need to do,of every dinner I plan, of everything I want or plan to do. At Christmas, I had a list of my lists. I think I might have OCD...

There you go. Just in case you had you hadn't guessed that I am a bit mental, you know now.

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  1. Great list. Never seen gossip girl but I like the sound if it. The hills is the deep meaningful one for me. Thank for tag. Done mine.

  2. Hhhmm, it is Mother Nature at the gallery this week, photo of your 9 and half toes?? Nobody else would have it!! Jen

  3. @Gemma: Thanks. Enjoyed your list. xx

  4. @Jen: She works in mysterious way... God no! Eurgh! Another little factoid: I didn't take my socks off for the first four months of mine and Oh Daddy's relationship! ;p xx

  5. Fabulous lost, some really interesting stuff in there - 9.5 toes and scared of pets! well I never.

    Love the thought of you playing in bands and that was such a thing of the time shoegazing! lol

    Thanks for joining in. Mich x

  6. Thanks Mich. I loved playing and managed to stand on stage despite my toe disability! Go me! xxxx


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