Monday, 31 January 2011

Gainful Employment.

While my current bosses, Miss B and Master A are a pleasure to work for I am in need of some readies to put toward my self-employment dream.

So while I had set a date to start looking for work, days before a lovely woman contacted ME to find out if I'd like a job! Huh?! So I did a telephone interview, met up with the boss today and have a job! Not some ad hoc, one time contract but a proper regular job working from home!

A proper job!*

*excuse the over-excited use of exclamation marks. I'm still recovering from shock...

P.S You know that post I wrote regarding flat hunting. Have just had three Twitter messages from Letting Agents with properties that meet our criteria. SPOOKY!


  1. Well done again on the job, you lucky spud :)

    And good luck on the flat finding!


  2. Well done! wish that would happen to me! X

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