Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Germ Warfare!

I read in the Guardian today that there is supposedly a shortage of flu vaccines due to overly anxious parents buying up the vaccine.

Healthy people buying the flu jab have compounded shortages in the NHS and left those at greatest risk struggling to get the vaccine, claimed Dr Clare Gerada, the chairman of the Royal College of GPs. Pharmacies and GPs are reporting that they have run out as thousands seek protection from the worst winter flu outbreak in a decade. Dr Gerada said that allowing those who could afford it to buy the jab had upset the “delicate balance” of availability and contributed to shortages, leading to general concern about who should and should not have the vaccine. 

The reason this came to my attention is that Miss B has a viral cold again! While Dr Gerada might have gone overboard and pissed of the middle class lefties that buy it in droves, she does have a point. The article even prompted one journo to write a response. This response at first reads as if it will prove Gerada wrong however, the article spends its designated space bemoaning how the rather well paid writer cannot buy the vaccine for love nor money and for some reason this is supposed to prove Gerada wrong.

Anyway. For the seventh week in a row, our baby Bee is ill again. Again we are dosing her with paracetamol every four hours, steaming her, giving her cold baths, squirting saline up her nose, sooking bogies back down her nose, sleeping on the couch upright with her to give her some relief. She isn't eating and taking fluids from a syringe. My hand constantly hovers over the telephone as the GP is on speed dial now. She seems to be getting over it and then she goes and catches something again!

My email in-boxes and social networking news feeds are full of the same experiences. Kiddies everywhere are falling foul of the same thing and there's not a damned thing anyone can do about it except ride it out again.

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