Wednesday, 26 January 2011


This is actually quite a hard meme to do.

I seem to be so focused on my family (through my own choice, cos' that's how I roll...) that it's hard to stop and think about myself sometimes. That and the fact that I didn't understand the question this week:

What Mummy/Parenting behaviour ignores “you”, making you want to laugh, scream or cry?

I think the purpose of this was to answer the question what part of parenting or being a parent ignores the real you or at least goes against the grain of something that embodies you. Something that you have to do as a parent that otherwise you wouldn't do. Hmm...

Marylin at Soft Thistle wrote about the lack of sleep that we all experience, to varying degrees, as a parent. Notes to Self wrote about the horrors of having to go to Centre Parcs on Holiday.



This IS hard! I suppose I just suppress all of those little things we do for our kids that our much younger and far cooler selves would have gasped in horror if we even suggested being like this, acting like this. Like Marylin, I cannot survive and/or function without sleep. I am useless if I don't get enough sleep and I'm one of those people who never get enough sleep whether it's five or fifteen hours! I am all too aware that at times I sound like my mother and while I try and keep a check on this, there is part of me that my mother sounded like every other mother out there who'd had enough of their child's behaviour and general messy demeanour. Unlike Notes, we've never had the funds because of my studies or as children to go to Center Parcs. I did visit a Butlin's holiday camp in the early 1980's which was horrendous and very sedate due to my mother having one too many, climbing onto a mechanical Bucking Broncho and putting out her back for the duration of our prison camp holiday.

I suppose the one thing that makes me laugh, cry and makes me cringe is kids kulture. By this I mean media marketing at kids, kids TV, kids music, kids character clothing. I'm a complete snob about it and I wish I wasn't (cringe). While I don't subscribe to exposing them to the high arts and only that, all of this nonsense on the CBBC can't be good for them despite being devised by a panel of so called experts. Things have changed so much since I was wee that I detest most of these in their current incarnation. Even when A was small and Teletubbies were all the rage, I gave him Sesame Street videos to watch. His favourite film was Toy Story so I bought him all of the toys and the books associated with the film but never bought him Toy Story trainers or clothing because they're tacky. I draw the line at character pyjamas but then I've never really shopped for clothes in a place that sells character clothing. A never exhibited a desire to wear Ben 10 trainers or pick out clothing based on what was on the front of it. I have a feeling that B will be different though....damn! I think kids should play with developmentally stimulating creative toys and not act like Mummy's with dolls so my snobbery is bound up in what I buy for the kids. When discussing this view with a friend she laughed and said "let kids be kids" but really is that what it is all about? Are children being children if they are demanding clothing emblazoned with the latest Disney film character on it. Or having a tantrum in a shoe shop because you wont buy the light up CBeebies trainers? My mother didn't buy us character clothing and I remember going into a gigantic huff about this. That is the laughable part...


  1. Ahh I'm one of those parents you'd hate then! Zack's favourite trainers are his ben 10 ones, and he adores his Mario and Sonic t-shirts! ;)

  2. I'm so with you! No character stuff. No slogans. No trucks trains or cars on clothing. Light up trainers - no. Just cos that stuff ain't my thing. I guess this may only last so long. I have accepted one spider man tshirt - his choice - the thin end I suspect.

  3. @Marylin: I cringe that I think like this as it's exactly the same snobbery that tormented my childhood. Kids want what other people have and think that A's ASD and lack of peer awareness fuelled my snobbery. I'm fully anticipating tantrums from Miss B when she spies Disney clothing later on! xx


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