Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Listography - Top 5 Celebrities I'd like to punch!

While Kate @KateTakesFive has a make-over, MetalMummy is hosting this weeks Listography.

Have you ever turned on the TV, picked up a trashy magazine, watched the news spotted a celebrity and thought to yourself "if you were standing in front of me right now, I'd punch you in the face!" I have. Repeatedly! This is a hard listography for me as I truly hate celebrities. I hate the cult of celebrity, reality TV and trashy magazines, so much so that for me celebrity is a dirty word. Decent actors/actresses, talented musicians, artists, dancers all get lumped in with the rest of the trash as celebrities.

I thought, at first, that I'd be facetious and say: 1) all of them with blonde hair 2) all of them with brown hair so I could include as many as possible but then that's a bit daft. I think you get my point...

So here are my five punchable celebs:

1) Jordan/Katie Price: Do I really have to explain why? *shudder...

2) Cheryl Cole: Again, do I really have to explain why? She's such a survivor isn't she?

3) James Corden: Am I the only person who doesn't think that he's funny?

4) Tom Cruise: For being an oddball and believing in the writings of a science fiction writer. For having his teeth fixed. For befriending the Beckhams. For starring in shite films.

and finally 5) Marco Pierre White: for rubbing a stock cube into a perfectly good steak. What an arsehole!


  1. Brilliant list!

    I completely agree with you about James Corden. He's not funny. At all.

    And Tom Cruise. He's got a weird nose and needs bricks strapped to his feet to drive a car. Maybe.

  2. I agree with 3 out of 5 and Katie Price would definitely be number 1 on my list too.

    Actually I think I may write my own list.

    And also, love the fact that the word verification for this comment was 'mings'.

  3. I agree with Jordan, Corden and Cole. Tom Cruise, yes, I agree with you on his behaviour and beliefs, but have to disagree on some of the films; they're not all 'shite'! A Few Good Men? Rain Man? Cocktail?

    Ok, so maybe Cocktail is a bit shite, but it's good shite.

    And as for celebrity chefs, I'd have chosen Nigella bloody Lawson ahead of Marco Pierre White. Oh, and Sophie for pretending to be a celebrity and a chef, just to fill our screens with waffle.

  4. 'Sophie Dahl'. Obviously my rage got the better of me briefly...

  5. @Hannah: Thanks! Why fix the teeth and leave that nose? x

  6. @VBIC: What ones do you disagree with? Hmm...

    Love the verification incident. xx

  7. :Dougie Doug: I knew you would say that about Tom Cruise. Why do men love his films? Goose was a better character!

    Sophie Dahl's head is just weird now that she dropped four million stone. I can't watch her, it's too freaky. As for Nigella...she's a goddess! I won't hear a bad word about her.


  8. Hehe We share our contempt for 3 out 5. Totally agree with James Corden. Loved Gavin and Stacey but that was down to Ruth Jones...without her he is self-indulgent shite! x

  9. Oooh what a fab list! Cheryl Cole made my list too - I'm so glad, I thought I'd be shot down for that one. All very worthy contenders indeed.

  10. poor old Cheryl Cole is appearing on lots of list! (deservedly so, I might add)

  11. My fav list so far! (BTW - there's no makeover!)

  12. @Wendy: Did you do one? What 3? I know what you mean about Gavin and Stacy. xx

  13. @SAHM: Hee hee. She's a nutjob! x

  14. @Kate: Really? Thanks! Are you just taking five? xx

  15. I agree with Price, Cruise and MPW. come over and check out my list.

  16. We have a shared hatred of Miss Price! I have to say I forgot about James Corbin for my list. Not funny in the slightest. But I have to concur that he was good as the mouse in The Guffalo.


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