Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Listography - Top 5 things I wish I could do.

Right, it's that time again. I've taken quite a shine to these blogging meme's. For the uninitiated a meme is an idea, challenges, or games that circulate around blogs of differing genres. You can pick and choose at will if you are not tagged.

Given that I must have a touch of OCD (either that or early onset OldTimers as my memory is shockingly bad!)and love to make lists on a daily basis, what better than to make lists about a theme set by another each week?

So the theme for this week is five things that I wish that I could do:

1) Speak a foreign language fluently. Saying that, I barely have a grip on the English language...

2) See. Seriously, I am still wearing the wrong strength contact lenses! To regain the power of full sight I would have to traipse up the hill and go to the opticians and order the proper strength because "oh ho ho ho, no we don't stock THAT strength in store we have to order them SPECIALLY..." and then traipse back down the hill, wait for 3 to 5 working days and then traipse back up the hill... You get the idea. I should mention that the opticians is beside A's school so the fact I havent done this is just pure laziness.

3) Be more tolerant of people. People piss me off far too easily.
Far too easily...

4) Bugger off!  There is a bit of nomad in me and feel claustrophobic sometimes being tied down to one place. Yes, I know that kids need stability etc etc blah blah blah but sometimes I wish that we could all grab a pair of clean knickers, a toothbrush and a passport and just bugger off. Somewhere, anywhere and anyhow. Please note, this comes from a person who has only ever been glamping because the thought of living in a tent without some sort of exoticism attached to it is just too boggin'.

5) Make things. Alright, this I can actually do and in fact I am very good at being creative and making things.I severely lack the time, the money and the patience to do this at the moment. I had thought about buying a sewing machine at Christmas and making B some dresses but then I priced up nice fabric and I could just go and buy a lovely dress for the same price and not have to faff about threading needles with my big sausage fingers...

That's my listography done. What's yours?


  1. People piss me off too much too. I get really wound up too easily. I would like to have the ability to tolerate.

    I doubt it would happen.

    However, picking a pair of pants and my passport and buggering off would be highly awesome.

  2. Yeah, people. *grrrrs*

    And grasping English would probably be a good plan before hitting the foreign language, I totally didn't think of that one...

  3. I think you should sort the contact lenses before you attempt any of the others or you could be in trouble...Perhaps that's why you're pissed off with everyone??? (Sorry)

  4. I could do with getting more pissed off with people! I suffer fools a bit too gladly. This list had me giggling though - nice one x

  5. Fantastic list AND you managed to use one of my favourite words: glamping.

    It's the best!

  6. I think I love you and your Sausage fingers!

    I also like to sew dresses for my little girl and have been known to use ex-curtains as material due to the RIDICULOUS cost of fabric. She still looked lovely and nobody knew the difference. Also, she's only two and a half, so often a fat quarter or two is enough.

    I'm with you on the nomadic feelings too, our rental contract is up in April (after only a year) and I'm already trawling the internet for houses!

  7. @Hannah: Thanks for commenting. I have the urge to bugger off again... x

  8. @Carol: I admit it is a huge stumbling block, lol. xx

  9. @Kate: You've got a point there. xx

  10. @ Anon: Whoever you are... ta! xx

  11. @Mid30's: Thanks and I love a bit of Glamping, I do. xx

  12. @Jayne: My sausage fingers love you too! I gave away all our curtains before the creative drive came back. Our lease is up in March and I have the itch again... uh oh! xx

  13. I too am dying to bugger off the moment I can see past all these JERKS, to a land where I can't speak a word, and thus will spend my time failing at crafts.

    What a wonderful blog (bit of a new discovery for me), and an excellent list.

  14. @M: Thanks. Just been over at yours and love the Kerouac quote. It is as if we are kindred spirits... xx


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