Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Pastures New?

Impulsivity (or impulsiveness) is a personality trait characterized by the inclination of an individual to initiate behavior without adequate forethought as to the consequences of their actions, acting on the spur of the moment. Eysenck and Eysenck related impulsivity to risk-taking, lack of planning, and making up one's mind quickly. Recent thought has identified five types of impulsivity:

  • Positive urgency; the tendency to act rashly while in a positive mood.
  • Negative urgency; the tendency to act rashly while in a negative mood.
  • Lack of premeditation; the inability to anticipate the future consequences of actions.
  • Lack of perseverance; the inability to follow through on a task
  • Sensation-seeking; the experience of positive feelings towards risky actions.

I have a plan. Again. One I am incredibly unsure of. It's a big leap. Can I make it?

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