Friday, 11 February 2011

Reasons to be Cheerful 1,2,3.

Today I have an awful migraine and a bit of a midweek hangover! Being the only person drinking white wine during a dinner where the participants insisted on ordered one bottle of red and one bottle of white at every turn, I got a little tipsy. I wandered home in the wee hours babbling nonsense to Oh Daddy who had been left nursing B all evening with her post jab induced fever. I was woken up an hour after going to bed by A who insisted that he had Mini-Man-Flu (not how he put it) and that in no way could he go to school in the morning so I was less than bright and breezy when I got up this morning to say the least. Add to this two feverish and  snotty kids, a messy house and a distinct lack of chocolate or hangover munchies (ready salted crisps? WTF?) anywhere in said dirty house and its a bit hard thinking of reasons to be cheerful this week...

So rather than thinking about my reasons given my sore head, I'll write the first things that come into my head. My reasons to be cheerful this week are:

1) During a rather lengthy drive with my father and the kids this week, I farted. Having had a bit of a dodgy belly for the first part of the week it was not pretty. I covered up my shame by blaming it on A! I got away with it so that made me cheerful.

2) I was the only person drinking white wine last night. This induced warm fuzzy cheerfulness.  

3) It's the start of the February break. Huzzah!


  1. Well you had me chuckling! Thanks for your rather ecletic reasons this week! Mich x

  2. Oh Fran your post had me tittering away - number one is hilarious but then I do love a bit of toilet humour :)

    Just on a blog catch up after being somewhat AWOL the last week or so.

  3. @Mich: thanks for hosting again. I do love taking part. xx

    @SAHM: Nothing beats a bit of toilet homour and bad parenting combined! xx


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