Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Dear So and So...

I thought it was about time for another meme and given the last few weeks I've had I've picked the Dear So and So one.

Dear Migraines,

Bugger off already! It's been weeks now and your presence is no longer welcome. I do like spots and Miss B owns quite a few spotty garments however, this passion for spotted things does not extend to my vision. Doing as many things as I do in a day is not fun on Migraine meds which make you feel like your permanently hungover.


Migraine Sufferer.


Dear Kevin the Teenager,

I really didn't expect you to arrive for a another year yet you are here and have turned my once sweet and lovely boy into a grumpy, moody, petulant bag of hormones. I really do not appreciate being sighed at nor think that given that A attends a Catholic Primary school shouting 'for God's sake!' every time he is asked to pick up after himself or do his homework is appropriate behaviour, do you?


Mrs Patterson.


Dear BT,

Why are all of your call centres elsewhere? Why couldn't you connect my internet five weeks ago like you promised? Why have you given my the wrong package? Why have you just sent me a huge bill?


Potential Cable Customer.


Dear Miss B,

Now that you've decided that you're able to feed yourself, could you be a darling and try and confine the mess to a five metre radius? I sat in a meeting yesterday with a Shreddie stuck to my shoulder and raisins in my scarf for over an hour without noticing. 


Messy Mummy


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