Thursday, 17 March 2011

I always pass on good advice. It is the only thing to do with it. It is never of any use to oneself.

Should we dispense and take advice from the internet?

Here at Oh Mammy towers, we've all been a bit busy of late. Too busy to blog or to take notice of the world outside.

Despite this tunnel vision, I can't help but notice a particular theme buzzing around the internet. Advice. Now I know that these days people Google everything and that one particular money spinner involves looking up certain things connected to raising their families. For the novice, there are masses of chatrooms and forums and websites where you can go to in your hour of need. The majority of these are ordinary Joes or Josephines offering their tuppence worth about any given bub topic within the topic of child-rearing. Parents with copious amounts of time to spend sitting in front of a computer giving themselves a little bit of reassurance that in their mind they are doing something right given that a complete stranger will take their advice (erm...guess what I really think of them?). Presumably we all think that the NHS is overstretched to the point where we are better turning on the computer and Googling key phrases like baby turning blue. I Googled it, the answer is here. The very lovely blogger from Babling Mummy has had a similar experience with Google advice here.

You don't want to do it like that, you want to do it like this...

Some sites in particular seems to be solely focused on comparing the parenting methods of us plebians against what certain celebrities are doing, the celebrity being the model to uphold. The celebrities themselves are then in turn offering advice on how to raise your children properly. Gisele Bundchen, the supermodel set breastfeeding advocation back decades when she came out and criticized mothers who bottle feed stating that in her earnest and learned opinion, it should be against the law to bottlefeed! Here is a link to a site that has all the precious tidbits of advice from noble celebrities in case you are the type of person who feels wholly inadequate in comparison to the wise sages that grace the pages of Heat magazine. Who cannot help but be awed by the advice of Ewan McGregor: pay attention to your children.

But as much as the internet seems to be flooded with smug advice on how to raise your children, there seems to be an equally vast information and opinion bank on how not to raise your kids. While advice is freely available and comes from people from all walks of life so does the criticism.

When I use my mobile, my inbox is full of articles from various parenting sites, baby shops and health services offering me advice on my parenting choice, views and methods. When I log onto Facebook, my news feed is flooded with the same types of sites, again offering me advice on all things parental. I've been hunting around the net for a few things that the kids are needing and while comparing prices again have come across chatrooms an forums offering parents advice and opinions on every aspect of their lives. Fair enough. Everyone is entitled to their opinions and perhaps it will do someone out there some good to compare the advice of others.

In the past I have been partial to a bit of advice giving myself. I have one very lovely and very dear friend that practically ends every sentence with a little gem of advice. Having had two kids and putting a fair amount of thought and energy into the process, I tend to think I know a thing or two. However, this recent spate of advice throwing has made me rethink: 

 Are we entitled to give advice freely and to perfect strangers? What do you think?


  1. Thank you for linking to my post :) It's not just the internet, parenting magazines wind me up too. They're full of pictures of perfectly made up mums with top of the range buggies. That's definitely not what I looked like in the first few months of motherhood! I think instinct and good friends are a good way to get information although there are some good sites out there, you just have to find what's right for you.

    Just realised I'm giving advice, haha!


  2. Teresacattosmith23 January 2012 at 15:34

    Hmm, difficult...I tend to hate getting advice but love giving it! Hee hee

  3. You? Never! Lol, it is easier to give than receive. Xx


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