Thursday, 17 March 2011

Listography - Top 5 things sweets!

Hooray for Katetakes5 and her Listography.

I've missed a few good ones during my technological absence but this one I couldn't resist. Anyone who knows me in real life knows that I love sweets. I really LOVE sweets! So does Oh Daddy. Given my passion for all things chewy, sticky, brightly coloured and sugary I thought that this would be an easy one and then I realised that I would have to limit myself to five. ONLY five!

As a family we have a healthy diet and A isn't really that keen on sweets. Occasionally he will request something when out at the shops but given the enormity of his appetite it tends to be three course meals rather than sweets. I suspect also that after years of putting up with me stealing his sweets has something to do with it...

My cravings have recently gotten worse as in Edinburgh retro sweets seem to be in vogue with quite a few shops opening that sell various items from my childhood. One shop in particular specialises in wee Scottish gems from years gone by, items that should come with a health warning such as Cremola Foam and Chelsea Whoppers. Given our reputation for having terrible health problems, the one thing Scots excel at is making sweeties...evil, evil sweets! I remember living next to a girl when I was wee who had holes in every one of her front teeth. Big black holes that my mother would tell me were caused by McCowans toffee!

Before I am sued my Millar McCowans, I should add that the family's hygiene left a lot to be desired and a lack of toothbrushes may have been responsible rather than the toffee.

So number 1:


I adore this but not that Middle-Class natural soft eating kind, the sticky gooey Bassets kind and all associated forms of it.

Number 2:

Giant Strawberries.

It's a jelly sweetie that is giant. 'Nuff said.

Number three:


Penny chews! Glorious!

Number four:

Sherbert Strawberries.

I used to buy a quarter of these on the way to visit my Aunt who would then give me 'a penny for the van' when it came down the street. She had a magical sideboard full of quarter bags of sweets. Eclairs, soor plooms, midget gems as well as proper old people's sweets like chocolate limes and cough drops.

She also had a larder stocked with pickled vegetables that my uncle grew in the garden, another favourite of mine. A mad old woman and habitual chain smoker who spent the last few years of her life hooked up to an oxygen tank in one room and smoking in another. Safety first, people!

Number five:

Fizzy Strawberry Laces

I used to buy these on our weekend visits to the nearest town from the gigantic Woolworths there. I love Astro Belts but could only get them if the ice cream van stocked them. I still sneak them into my shopping basket these days despite Oh Daddy shaking his head in disgust.



  1. Excellent list and marvellous cautionary tales! I loved the sherbet lemons but not the strawberry ones...Agree that licorice is awesome though!

  2. @ DA: And bad for your teeth! x


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