Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Listography - Top 5 Time Travel Destinations...

Ah ha! Time travel! Given that I was once a student of ancient history you would think that this would come easily but no! This has been particularly hard to do.

So the meme is back home at KateTakesFive and I know you guys might be a bit sick of these but I love making lists.

I need to make lists because since having Mis B my memory has disappeared. I studies for years and retained masses of knowledge regarding the ancient world, texts, languages and now it would seem, I can barely remember where I've put my handbag (it's always hanging up on the coat rack) or if I have my house keys (always in the shell on the sideboard) or how many children I have (two at the last count). So for me, making a list that is fun is a bit of relief!

Kate has already taken Woodstock 1969 (awesome!) and the day Bill Gates invented Microsoft (to be able to buy shares) so I've had to think hard...

1) The Grassy Knoll, Dallas, Texas at 12:30pm on the 22nd of November 1963.

I like unsolved mysteries but they bug the hell out of me! I would've loved to be part of the Warren Commision who investigated what happened on that day.

2) Ancient Persia 4th Century BC.

I would've loved to experience what life was really like during the reign of the Achaemenids (my area of study). Of course I would have to be a Persian and male to have any sense of freedom or place.

3) Next Saturday.

I'd tell myself the winning lottery numbers!

4) The future, approximately 30 years time.

If only to check on my kids to see if I've actually done an okay job. To make sure that they're happy and healthy and living life to the fullest. To find out if A will ever manage to live independently and to see how badly I've aged!

5) September 15th 2002.

This was the day the that specialist told me that A was autistic. I would meet myself sobbing in the Sick Kids canteen and tell myself it would be okay, that the future would not be as bleak as they said. I'd tell myself that they were in part wrong about diagnosing that he would never understand a word that I would say to him and to never lose sight of who he was.


  1. Brilliant list.

    Love number 5 xx

  2. Excellent list. If only we could all go back to our most vulnerable time and tell ourselves it will be ok - cause it nearly always is...


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